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Fifth regional PCM Coaching Conference on March 27 in Belgrade

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Coaching is a relatively young profession, which has been present for no more than a decade in Serbia and the region. In that time, its has proven to be a reliable ally on the road to success for many organizations and business people. The importance of this methodology has been recognized by numerous local and international companies which operate in Serbia, which have decided to incorporate coaching into their organizational culture.

One of the pioneers of coaching in Serbia, the consulting company Atria Group, is organizing the fifth regional PCM Coaching Conference this year in cooperation with Kahler Communications and HR World. The conference, scheduled for March 27 under the title “Keep up the Momentum”, will bring together 150 coaches and HR professionals.

Through 5 lectures and 3 workshops, with 10 keynote speakers and coaches, there will be talk about the most current topics from the world of coaching: constant changes and implementation of coaching within an organization, self-realization, the unbreakable bond between science and coaching, self-awareness, building a personal brand, the importance of creativity in a business environment, deep personality structure and out-of-the-box thinking.

Jonathan Passmore will give a lecture in the Keep Up The Momentum With Change section, titled “How to develop a coaching culture in your organization – A 10 step plan for every organization”. When a company goes through change, the transition requires individuals and teams to develop new ways of working. In this session, Jonathan will share insights how coaching can help promote and support organizational change. He will share a model developed to give a practical guide for managers and coaches working with organizations and who want to better understand how they can use coaching more widely.

Peđa Jovanović will speak in the Keep Up The Momentum With Journey section and his lecture will be titled "My Identity Journey - Discover yourself and cross your own limits and boundaries". During Pedja’s session you will get a chance to start the journey of self-knowledge and self-discovery, to cross over the limits and boundaries of our self-imposed ego identities, and ultimately get in touch with real, core identity. “Once you spark your Core Identity, you will be able to recognize it in others”.

Nelson Emilio will give a lecture in the Keep Up The Momentum With Influence section, titled “The power of ONE: Leveraging personal branding in a corporate world”. The coaching market is getting crowded, making it difficult for potential clients to find the ideal coach for them, so, how do you stand out and be chosen? In today’s competitive world, your ability to establish an influential personal brand supported by your expertise and technical skills is a differentiating advantage.

Lyra Puspa will talk within the Keep Up The Momentum With Science section, and the topic is “Brain to Brain Coaching – Applying neuroscience in coaching as a business”. From applied neuroscience perspective, coaching is basically stimulating client’s brain plasticity through meaningful conversation. Lyra Puspa will deliver the latest experimental neuroscience research of Vanaya Coaching International. This speech will explore the cutting edge of applied neuroscience studies and principles that explains why human being can change, how to create sustainable change, and why some coaching methods are ineffective while some other methods truly create significant impact.

Mickaël Dufourneaud will give a lecture within the Keep Up The Momentum With Inner Self section, titled “Creating awareness in Coaching: A way to gain clarity and make changes”. For coaches, awareness is a key component in order for clients to reach their objectives. The Process Communication Model offers world class tools to better understand second by second behaviors and build a common language that can be used to identify more resources for ourselves or our coaches.

The conference will feature the following workshops:

Personality-Based Practice – Dragana Miletic

Even though it is about the types of personality, PCM has also for decades been helping millions of clients around the world, emphasising the diversity of our personality and the impossibility of classifying people into categories and types. This workshop will be dedicated to understanding the complexity of the personality mosaic and how PCM coaches can help their clients to get to know and enrich their personality.

Creative Coaching – Marija Branovacki and Bojana Vesic Antic

Creativity is not a skill exclusive for people in traditionally creative professions. It is not something you either have, or you do not. On this interactive workshop you will have an opportunity to learn how to use creativity in coaching with people/teams and implement it in decision making process, meetings, goal settings and motivation.

Coaching Through Design Thinking – Nikola Rajic and Milica Picuric

Design Thinking is a very hip concept, for it has enabled all types of organizations to deliver products and solutions that directly answer people’s needs and solve their problems. This workshop examines what design thinking is, what similarities it shares with several coaching models, and how it can be applied for optimal results in coaching engagements. It will also examine what some differences are, and how to avoid pitfalls. Participants will be walked through the design thinking process and will then practice the concept through role playing.

The PCM Couching Conference is scheduled for March 27, 2019.

Early bird tickets (available until February 27) cost EUR 180.

For all additional information, visit or call +381 60 029 00 23.
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