Source: RTV | Monday, 21.01.2019.| 11:33
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Construction of spa center in Satrinci near Irig to start soon – Investment worth EUR 400,000

Illustration (Photo: gurinaleksandr/
The investments of the Municipality of Irig in the development of tourism are growing more prominent, and another village in the Vrdnik area, renowned for its thermal water, might soon start attracting tourists. A large project is being planned in the village of Satrinci.

The development of this small village, located close to Irig, is slowly getting off ground. Although its residents mostly work the land and breed geese, tourism might soon become a source of income here, after a spa center worth around EUR 400,000 is built on a thermal water spring in Satrinci.

The village is known for its hospitality, as shown by various events organized in Satrinci, such as the famous Guscijada, and the construction of a new tourist facility will make the village even more prominent.

The question of employment is pertinent in small villages, which young people are leaving in droves. This is another reason for the Municipality of Irig to invest in the potentials of this area. The municipality will participate with EUR 25,000 in the Natural Healthiness project, the majority of which is financed by the EU.
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