Source: B92/Tanjug | Thursday, 27.12.2018.| 10:30
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VESIC: We have stopped illegal construction thanks to a range of radical measures

Deputy Mayor of Belgrade Goran Vesic has stated that the illegal construction in Belgrade has been stopped through a range of radical measures.

When asked by the press whether there is a list of investors with a questionable past and how Belgrade should treat such people, as well as whether the city communicated with the Prosecutor's Office regarding this issue, Vesic said that there was no special treatment of illegal builders, as the city is a part of the chain together with the Prosecutor's Office and the police.

– Illegal construction is a criminal offense. I want to thank Construction Minister Mihajlovic for making a brave step in amending the Law on the Legalization of Facilities and the Law on Planning and Construction. Radical measures were needed to stop the illegal construction in Serbia, otherwise, we wouldn't have these results now – Vesic emphasized.

He said that, when it comes to the provenance of the money used for illegal construction, it is assumed that, if an investor doesn't have a permit, they are usually engaging in irregular activities, as well as that research has shown that investing in real estate can be indicative of money laundering.

– We are cooperating with the Prosecutor's Office in the territory of Belgrade – he added.

Vesic explained that illegal builders now need to pay fines. They are also subject to prison sentences in case of a repeated offense.

As he said, inspectors, prosecutors and the police are now doing the field work together, making the process much more efficient.

When asked by the press under which conditions the Chinese investor was awarded the concession for the construction of four underground garages in Belgrade, Vesic says that the consortium headed by Shandong was the sole bidder.

– At the latest session of the City Assembly of Belgrade, we approved the contract model. The contract is now to be negotiated about and it should be signed within two months. Once it is signed, it will be made public and citizens will know what the price is and everything that has to do with the construction of those garages – Vesic said.

The consortium offered to invest EUR 40 million in the construction of four underground garages – in Student Square, Republic Square, Fruskogorska Street and Kosovska Street.
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