Source: Južne vesti | Monday, 17.12.2018.| 14:19
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No response to public call for construction of aqua park in Niska Banja

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The bidding for the assignment of land in Nis to a company that would build an aqua park in Lozni Kalem fell through, because, as the Secretariat for Property-Legal Affairs of the City of Nis says, there were no interested investors, Juzne Vesti reports.

No bids were sent and the construction of an aqua park in Nis, first planned a decade ago, remains a dream, despite the decision to let the potential investor have the land for free provided they build certain features, invest money and employ a certain number of people.

Although a memorandum of understanding was signed two years ago with the Montenegrin company Aquaterra Solutions, based on which a study was prepared and the terms of the alienation of the land determined, the company never made a bid.

Neither did Italnis, a company with which the city had signed an agreement on the construction of this facility in Lozni Kalem, which was terminated over the failure to adhere to the obligations. Although Italnis announced in mid-2017 that it was interested again, the company didn't send an offer.

Three months ago, city official Mihajlo Zdravkovic said that there were no parties interested in the project at the moment, as the Montenegrin company had given up on it in favor of other investors. The public call was opened at the last possible moment, as the government's approval of the study of land alienation was of limited duration.

The head of the Office for Local Economic Development and Projects, Milan Randjelovic, earlier said that there was a possibility of the city giving up on the idea if there are no interested investors.

The public call was opened in mid-November, and the undeveloped building land was offered at the initial price of one dinar.

In the past few years, aqua parks have been built in Doljevac and the Nis neighborhood of Cair (a mini-aquapark).
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