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CADEZ: Possible wage taxation cut to 46% in the next five years

Marko Cadez
The president of the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia, Marko Cadez, said on December 14, 2018, that the business sector had made an initiative for a more substantial wage taxation cuts and that the possibility of cutting wage liabilities from 62% in 2019 to 46% over the next five years would be considered.

He said at the CCIS’ meeting that there was an initiative for the income tax to be cut.

– It’s one of the several dozen strategic initiatives started by the business sector – Cadez said.

He pointed out that the result of the dialogue of the economy and the Government of Serbia were amendments to a set of laws recently passed by the National Assembly of Serbia, reducing the charges on the economy.

– We have made local and foreign investors equal when it comes to the import of basic inputs, so they won’t pay duties on the import of machines, whereby their operating costs will drop – Cadez said.

He added that the CCIS had enabled business people to take part in 40 fairs worldwide and that, after visiting 11 fairs, the food industry contracted exports worth EUR 50 million.

– The CCIS has also enabled business people to obtain half the documents they need in the places where they operate, not needing to go to Belgrade to get them – Cadez said.

Thanks to the CCIS’ efforts, according to him, the dual system of education has taken root, including 4,500 students, with 85% of them able to find employment at the company where they’re trained.

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