Source: eKapija | Friday, 14.12.2018.| 11:22

Belgrade to implement adaptable traffic zone management – Data from 300 junctions to help reduce traffic jams

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After New Year, the realization of the “Adaptable Traffic Zone Management” project should begin, aiming to reduce traffic jams, Mayor Zoran Radojicic announced on RTS.

– The project of adaptable traffic zone management entails a new system which will collect data from over 300 junctions in the city and use them to control traffic. This is expected to lead to time savings of up to 20% and unload the traffic. At the meeting in Barcelona where this issue was discussed, we were told that this kind of a system had helped Moscow a lot. This is the model we will implement over the next three years in Belgrade, and the value of the entire project is around EUR 25 million – Radojicic emphasized, as reported by Beoinfo.

Regarding the fact that the problem is exacerbated by unsynchronized construction sites, the mayor added that the so-called “ID cards” of construction sites would regulate that area.

– Beginning with January the plan is for all construction sites to send information about the work schedule through the Secretariat for the Defense, Emergency Situations, Communications and Coordination of Public Relations, so that they could be synchronized with others. It has happened before that one street is closed for construction several times, and this will reduce that problem to a minimum – Radojicic announced.

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