Source: RTV | Friday, 14.12.2018.| 11:31

NIS to search for oil and gas sites in Becej area

(Photo: QiuJu Song/
Within its oil and gas exploration program and under the 3D Ada project, NIS will commence geophysical research in the Becej municipality area in late December.

The said 3D seismic exploration entails the measurement of the velocity of seismic waves, based on which the positions of potential oil and gas sites are determined. This is followed by the processing and the interpretation of 3D seismic data to the end of detecting new oil and gas reserves.

The works will be carried out in Becej, Milesevo and Backo Petrovo Selo. The company has obtained all the permits and authorizations from the competent state organs. Naftagas will commence the works in early 2019 and end them in early August 2019.

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