Source: Glas javnosti | Thursday, 10.02.2005.| 15:00
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Construction of highest European building in Moscow, 440 m, panorama lift to pass through aquarium - € 500m

Foundations for the highest building in Europe, Tower of Federation - 340 m high, have already been built in the capital of Russia. Moscow will soon obtain the biggest trade center in Europe, as well.

Moscow colossus of two towers will reach height of 440 m after the pole shaped as a needle 100 m high is mounted to his top. This skyscraper will be finished in 2007 and then it will took the title of the highest European building from the Frankfurt Tower of "Komercbanka", 259 m high, i.e. 299 m with thin pole on its top.

Construction expenses will amount to € 500m. The dynamics of the construction will be very rapid since the construction of one floor will take not more than 2-3 days.

Panorama lift will take visitors up to 87th floor of the higher of the two towers. The elevator will be passing through aquarium whose debt is 20 m. There will be belvedere and restaurants on the higher floors, as well as fitness center with the swimming pool.

The Tower of Federation is a part of the project according to which the complex, something like "small Manhattan", is supposed to be built in Moscow. The complex will be located on the Moscow river and it will be connected to the Moscow subway system.

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