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New standards to increase safety of construction workers – German company KRAUSE produces moving scaffolds and ladders for more than a century

Tribilo ladders
In early 2018, new amendments to the EU standards for ladders came into effect, so as to make working with them even safer. The German company KRAUSE, which has been producing and distributing aluminum ladders and movable scaffolds for 118 years and which is present in the market of Serbia and the region, points out the importance of complying with all the regulations in the field of working equipment, including the fact that new standards need to be implemented in practice. This is something that all responsible persons in the construction sector should take into account.

KRAUSE produces movable scaffolds and ladders, meant for all kinds of construction and high-altitude works, as well as for the maintenance of residential and sports facilities. They are stable, secure and adaptable, especially when it comes to high-altitude works, which require flexibility and quick transport, whether in the interior or the exterior.

The company's range of products includes products for construction works, platforms, various types of ladders and mobile aluminum scaffolds. Some of the most famous ones are KRAUSE Trigon-Traverse and MultiMatic hinged ladder.

With the motto “conquer the heights”, KRAUSE has dynamically developed into a holding synonymous with high quality products.

– KRAUSE has been present in the market of Serbia and the region for a number of years and strives to promote its products and additional services in line with the law on occupational safety and all the regulations and standards. We also train our clients to assemble and use our products, provide after-sales service and constant technical support before the products are bought – says Peter Mihli, the Regional Sales Export Manager for SEE at KRAUSE Werk GmbH & Co. KG.

MultiMatic hinged ladder
He points out that the company has exhibited at all regional construction shows in the past period, but that the number of visitors at these events has dropped considerably, causing KRAUSE to focus on direct promotion. In 2019, they plan to present a range of movable aluminum scaffolds and ladders for construction works within a kind of an “in-house fair” at their authorized distributor.

– Thanks to our authorized distributor N.P.R. Pantic doo from Novi Sad, we are successfully selling our products in the construction sector and our brand is well known to all professionals in this field. We are very dedicated to innovations which enhance the functionality of our products, as shown by numerous international awards, protected patents and our trademark – Mihli notes.

N.P.R. Pantic is a family company established as a result of years of experience of its owner in construction. It was founded back in 1971, when it started providing transporting services in construction, and in 2006 it expanded its activities to include the trade of building materials. Since 2009, it has been cooperating with KRAUSE on the import of aluminum ladders and movable scaffolds for the territory of Serbia.

– Our vision is to slowly and surely expand our business, range of products and activities, as we've done in all these years, so that we would continue the tradition of nearly half a century – emphasizes Rade Ivosevic, the Commercial Manager of N.P.R. Pantic and a KRAUSE expert.

Trigon ladder
Petar Mihli adds that KRAUSE products are of high quality, very functional, safe and easy to handle, in line with the basic principles of the company, which tries to take customer satisfaction into account as much as possible.

KRAUSE is headquartered in Germany and has production facilities in Hungary, Russia and Poland. With the quality of its products, the company continuously raises standards regarding functionality and safety, and special attention is paid to practicality-oriented innovations.

All KRAUSE products pass through strict quality and safety tests, carried out at the company's laboratories, and each product comes with a certificate and an instruction manual. The range of products includes KRAUSE Clickmatic System, KRAUSE universal ladder, KRAUSE Technik-Clip, TELEVARIO Telescopic Ladder, MultiGrip – Secury ladder, MultiMatic hinged ladder, MultiBoard, KRAUSE Treppo, KRAUSE TRIGON.

The full range of products can be seen here:
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