Source: Beta | Sunday, 21.10.2018.| 18:00
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DJORDJEVIC: No additional changes to Labor Law until 2020, we are not insinuating false sick leave claims

Zoran Djordjevic (Photo: YouTube)
The amendments to Labor Law that would also define the additional changes concerning sick days will not be considered until 2020, said the Minister of Labor Zoran Djordjevic.

– There is no need for further changes. We are not insinuating that the claims for sick days are false, Djordjevic told Prva TV commenting on the media claims that the CCIS was preparing amendments to the Labor Law which would employ stricter measures of control for sick leave.

He explained that sick leave was thoroughly defined in the law including the course of action employer can take to check the validity of a claim. When asked would the companies with good business practice avoid inspection, the Minister replied that that was not true and that the companies would have to go through inspection.

– Inspection services are those who can confirm whether a company's operations are satisfactory and to perhaps correct any irregularities. at the same time, inspection is there to provide suggestions and receive feedback, said Djordjevic.
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