Source: Večernje novosti | Monday, 15.10.2018.| 13:04
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While you are at work, robot prepares your lunch

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Because of the fast pace of living, increased workload and all other responsibilities, a modern person has less and less time for preparing their food. Therefore, two inventors from Split in Croatia, Drazen Drnas and Julian Nola made a robot that prepares lunch while you`re at work, walking the dog or picking up your kid from school.

GammaChef is the name of the home robot, who according to Drnas, prepares risotto, pastas, gnocchi, stews and soups all in one pot like a real chef.

Drnas talked about his invention and then demonstrated the robot preparing stew in front of the participants of the conference on digital industry in Trogir, Croatia that started on Wednesday, October 10 and ended today with sampling the food the robot made.

– GammaChef cooks in the same way a real life chef would. It adds ingredients, regulates the stove temperature, stirs the meal. It follows a digital recipe and the result is a superb meal, Drnas told Tanjug.

The cooking robot is connected to the internet, it has a voice command or can otherwise be controlled with devices such as Amazon Echo, with a cellphone or through the display on the device.

Another advantage of the device is that it can be programmed to prepare food while people are still at work and according to Drnas it is completely safe to use in your home since it has a special safety measure designed to automatically prevent any damage.

When asked whether the taste of the robot/made food can be compared to the taste of the food "our grandmas use to make” Drnas said that the food tastes great which was confirmed in the competitions where robot chef beat real-life chefs.

He said that he came up with this idea while having coffee in a cafe when he thought that it would be nice if he had a prepared meal back at home waiting for him.

– That`s how this idea came by and we said – why not, let`s make a device that will be able to cook risotto for starters, Drnas said

The device is currently not available for commercial sale, and the p rice for the first samples ranges between EUR 1,500 and EUR 2,000

Trogir conference that began on Wednesday, October 10 and ended today was in fact a business regatta where, beside attending conferences on digital industry, circular economy and open innovations the participants sailed along the Croatian Coast.

Around 100 conference attendees sailed on 12 ships for two days from Trogir to Parmizana, whereas the winners of the regatta received awards.

Croatian company Business Sailing Experience Agency (BSEA) organized the business regatta.
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