Source: Novosti | Monday, 24.09.2018.| 13:41

Decathlon acknowledgment for Tigar AD Pirot – Global sports goods retail chain in Serbia from 2019

Representatives of Decathlon, a global sports goods retail chain, which operates in more than 40 countries and which will have its stores in Serbia from 2019, pronounced Tigar AD in Pirot and company with good practice and raised its rating to class B following the tour of the Pirot-based footwear factory.

This practically means that the Pirot-based company has gone up the social ladder when it comes to employee relations. More precisely, it has improved the working conditions, the relationship towards its employees, the protection system and workplace safety. This rating by the foreign partners is that much more valuable considering that one of the biggest producers of sports, protective and special rubber footwear in the Balkans and in Europe has been facing extremely difficult financial and other problems and that it is in a PPRP process, which is being completed slowly, but surely.

– For this certification, performed by SGS, the factory had previously gone up to class C. This status means that all the problems related to employee health and safety, as well as employee relationship, have been removed. Grade A signifies the furthest achievements in the field of protection, whereas E means unacceptable workplace conditions and relationship towards the employees – explains the director of Tigar AD, Vladimir Ilic.

According to him, everything related to the preparations for the grading took only a few months of hard work. The employees have been equipped with a fully new equipment, the machines have been secured and marked, all the protective systems are functional, the employees are trained and informed of the hazards, protection measures, prevention, as well as the rights related to the freedom of association, the disciplinary practice, the security of earnings, a responsible handling of raw materials and capacities and a healthy living environment. A new system of electronic communication and logging, as well as an adapted space for the disposal of hazardous waste, in line with global standards, has also been implemented.

The cooperation is based on the production of sports and hunting boots, as well as sailing boots and boat crew boots in the past months. This scope of the cooperation will probably make the said chain the most popular among the purchasers of the goods made in the facilities in Pirot next year. These facilities are the main suppliers of rubber boots combined with metal for the armed forces in the Nordic countries. Of course, this is footwear for extreme conditions, designed and created by local technologists and workers.

Tigar AD is more than satisfied with the new grade, having slightly exceeded their own and Decathlon’s expectations. Decathlon is one of their most important partners, with which they’ve cooperated for eight years. In this period, the realization of the arrangements with Decathlon has grown by as much as 120%, whereas, financially, the increase amounts to as much as 185%.

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