Source: Tanjug | Thursday, 27.09.2018.| 11:08
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First digital consultants in Serbia receive certificates

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The first digital consultants in Serbia, who passed the training and oral exams in front of the commission of the WIFI Center for support to small and medium enterprises of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, received their certificates at the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia.

Twenty-two certified digital consultants received their diplomas. They will help SMEs in the digital transformation of their business through improving the communication with potential and existing clients, planning the finance and raising the profitability and the quality of marketing activities, the CCIS announced.

With the establishment of the database of certified digital consultants, they point out, the first phase of the project the CCIS is realizing with the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) and the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO) is complete.

The adviser to the president of the CCIS, Mihailo Vesovic, pointed out that consultants would organize workshops and prepare a digital map with at least two companies in the next two months, in order for the digital transformation to get a strategic approach.

– This project will continue next year as well, and the intention is for it to spread to a much larger number of SMEs and go to another level, which is to provide companies with support in technology implementation.

The digitization is a process, and specifically when it comes to SMEs, it's a journey, which requires guides, that is, consultants, in order for SMEs to find a right way to implement E government, E business, E signatures, E banking, said Christian Rupp, the chairman of the certification commission of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber.

The project manager of GIZ, Tomislav Knezevic, pointed out how important a competitive SME sector in the international market was for a country's economy and said that digitization was one of the global challenges the SME sector needed to adequately respond to.

Tijana Sekulic, a representative of the consultants, believes that companies need a transformation strategy, because, when it comes to digital transformation, there is plenty of uncertainty and even fear, as we think of big technologies, such as robotics and intelligent systems.

The call of the Center for Digital Transformation of the CCIS for companies that want certified digital consultants to help them is open till October 2. Companies can apply at Forty companies, chosen at the ongoing contest, will be given free support by consultants in preparing a digital road map – a document which defines key areas and steps towards a digital transformation in a concrete company, which aims to enhance the business by implementing the digitization with a maximum efficiency and a minimum of costs.
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