Source: N1 | Thursday, 13.09.2018.| 14:05
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Montenegro offers Podgorica and Tivat airports up for concession – Upfront payment EUR 100 million

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Minister of Transport Osman Nurkovic informed the members of the Montenegrin Parliament that the Government of Montenegro has decided to offer Podgorica and Tivat airports up for concession for a period of 25 to 30 years.

The draft concession agreement stipulates, among other things, the upfront payment of EUR 100 million while the concessionaire will be reimbursed for any revenue loss Montenegro Airlines, the national flag carrier, might experience.

The rest of the annual concession fee will depend on the airport revenue, The Montenegrin government states.

Except for all opposition parties, Social Democrats, one of the ruling Montenegro parties, led by the President of the Parliament, Ivan Brajovic, also oppose this decision. They are in charge of air transport in the government and think that it is not wise to sell the company that operates extremely well.

The party calculated that Montenegrin airports could generate revenue of more than EUR 400 million with a start-up credit of EUR 100 million.

But Brajovic and his party are not ready for such a radical move that could lead to him resigning and triggering early parliamentary elections., Hina news agency writes.
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