Source: Tanjug | Tuesday, 04.09.2018.| 09:56
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Metalac has patented pressure cooker with display screen

Metalac cookware
Metalac cookware
The Intellectual Property Office of Republic Of Serbia has announced a new patent from the Metalac cookware factory from Gornji Mmilanovac.

The name of the new product is High pressure cooker with glass display screen for home use - RN 12778. and it is a container which enables to remotely monitor and control cooking beans, potatoes or cabbage without having to lift the lid and check.

As the description filed to the Intellectual property Office says, the patent belongs to home appliances , the section for food preparing.

This device consists of the container and the lid. The lid has a glass display, it is thermal shock resistant and has a 20 bar pressure.
The glass display is inside the lid and the pressure increase ensures the space between the glass and the lid is sealed properly.

The cooking process happens at the working pressure of 1,5 bar and without releasing steam into the atmosphere. The pressure cooker has three levels of safety – exhaust valve, safety valve and a rubber seal.

These additions make for safe cooking, monitoring the cooking process and controlling pressure cooking, additional energy conservation, shorter cooking time without releasing steam and unpleasant odors and preserving vital food nutrients.

Metalac factory has a 55-year experience in cookware production and it's one of the best European factories in its area of business. It exports 70% of their cookware to 25 countries, which is about 6 million pieces of cookware that are distributed to buyers in EU and Russia.

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