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Company "Agrounik" plans construction of fertilizer factory in Inđija

Snežana Đorđević (Photo: b)

Company "Agrounik" plans to have a fertilizer factory built in Inđija. That company is currently preparing a new product that will be launched next year. It plans to increase export and position in the markets of other regional countries and in the market of EU in 2009. By the way, the company’s sales grew by 100% in 2008.

Dr Snežana Đorđević, the owner of company "Agrounik", held a reception for journalists, business partners and friends of the company on March 6th in Belgrade.

The company is registered as a development-production center and it deals with biotechnical researches. The result of a scientific work is "Slavol", a natural microbiological fertilizer for organic and classical production of all types of vegetables and flowers (both indoor and outdoor), crops, fruits and vine. "Slavol" is a liquid that contains bacteria, natural vitamins, enzymes and growth stimulators. It accelerates the growth of plants, which leads to growth of yield by 10 to 25%, depending on the type of the plant.

Microbiological fertilizer "Slavol" has won many significant awards for quality in both Serbia and abroad.

- Technological innovation, brand new bacteria-based product "Slavol", and the new technology of application would represent a challenge even for much bigger companies. Our buyers are leading agricultural companies in Serbia, and their top experts realized that “Slavol” was special product as soon as the first tests were over. My pleasure is to welcome the representatives of PIK "Bečej" where "Slavol" has been introduced as a regular measure for improvement of quality (ISO 9001), and I would also like to welcome the Director General and the Production Director of PKB, colleagues from "Panonija" Sombor, "Stari Tamiš", "ZZ agrocar", Cold Storage Plants Pančevo – saod Snežana Đorđević .

She added that "Agrounik" owned all certificates that were necessary for export. As she explained, "Slavol" is exported to Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Snežana Đorđević is the laureate of BLIC’s Entrepreneur of the Year 2008 Award.

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