Source: eKapija | Monday, 13.08.2018.| 12:06

Around RSD 35 million for reconstruction of Gardos Tower

Deputy Mayor Goran Vesic has visited the site of the reconstruction of Njegoseva Street in Zemun, which should be completed by September 3, and announced the reconstruction of the Gardos Tower. He was accompanied by Assistant Mayor Aleksandar Markovic, Secretary for Transport Dusan Rafailovic and the president of the municipality of Zemun, Dejan Matic, Beoinfo reports.

– As part of the summer reconstruction of Belgrade streets and the works in Zemun, as one of the oldest parts of Belgrade, we are reconstructing Njegoseva Street, which is around 80 meters long – Vesic said.

He specified that the reconstruction had begun on July 27 and that it would last through September 3, pointing out that the investment is worth RSD 15 million.

– We will replace the stones and carry out a full replacement of the installations. Once completed, the street will truly look like it's supposed to look – Vesic said and reminded that the plan was for over 80 facades to be developed in downtown Zemun this year.

He announced the reconstruction of the Gardos Tower and added that the investment was worth around RSD 35 million.

As he said, the municipality of Zemun has secured nearly RSD 13 million from the Ministry of Justice, RSD 12 million from the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, and the City of Belgrade will provide around RSD 10 million.

– This is an additional investment in Zemun and something we are striving for, as Zemun is the jewel of Belgrade which has been neglected for a long time – Vesic added.

According to him, not only has Zemun been expanding without plan, but the center of Zemun has not been treated well either.

– I believe that the people of Zemun will now see that the city invests in Zemun and that we are proud of it, as it is a place that people of Belgrade gladly visit, as do numerous tourists, and it should be developed – the deputy mayor added.

The president of the municipality of Zemun, Dejan Matic, said that suggestions and propositions by the fellow citizens were being taken into consideration and that the direction of Zemun's development had been determined in the sense of the development of infrastructure and the drawing of investors to the municipality.

– We've put the focus on the development of tourism, as Zemun and its people deserve it. We are especially focusing on the Zemun Wharf, as it is one of our municipality's pearls. I want to emphasize that we've completed the project, that we are waiting for it to be reviewed and that we are looking to obtain the building permit for the construction of a port for international boat traffic, which will put Zemun on the travel map of Europe – he said.

As he added, once the port is built, all cruise ships passing by Zemun will be able to dock there and tourists will be able to learn about Zemun and what it offers.
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