Source: Radio 021 | Friday, 13.07.2018.| 12:17
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Marriage proposals in space for EUR 125 million soon

Illustration (Photo: sdecoret/
The agency ApoteoSurprise aims to make marriage proposals on flights to the Moon available from 2022 at an astronomical price of EUR 125 million.

The agency announces that couples in love and a little money to spare will be able to book full-service flights, but that they will first have to go through 12-week physical and technical training.

Rockets will be launched from Cape Canaveral and should reach the Moon’s orbit in three days.

Proposals will be accompanied with Frank Sinatra’s rendition of “Fly Me to the Moon”.

The capsule will be able to reach the speed of 38,000 kilometers per hour. It will be equipped with an 8-camera system, and its trajectory will be similar to that of Apollo 8 in 1968.

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