Source: RTS | Sunday, 08.07.2018.| 09:38
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Corridor 10 Y-branch to be completed by end-2019

The construction of the Y-branch of Corridor 10, the 24-km bypass route around Subotica, will be completed and opened for traffic by the end of 2019, announced the State Secretary at the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Imre Kern.

Following a tour of the construction site, as part of the marking of the government’s first anniversary, Kern told the press that five kilometers were being built at the moment between the Bikovo road and the Backa Topola road.

– Three kilometers have already been completed and now they’re building the middle part, that is, two facilities – the overbridge above the Cantavir road and the overpass over the future high-speed railway Belgrade-Budapest – Kern explained.

He said that the works were worth RSD 780 million and that the deadline for the completion of that section of the Y-branch of Corridor 10 was end-November.

He says that the contractor has announced that the works might be completed by November 1, 2018, which would mean the completion of the 12-km section between the highway and the Sombor road, which would revive the large industrial zone.

– Next year, we want to complete the entire project, which started nearly 30 years ago. We have set aside RSD 1.4 billion from the budget, which is enough for the completion of the entire project and we will be able to use the highway to the Kelebija border crossing in late 2019 – Kern added.

Last year, in August, five kilometers of the Y-branch of Corridor 10, sector 2 – from the Sombor road roundabout to the Backa Topola road roundabout, opened.

The section from the Kelebija border crossing to the Subotica South interchange, long about 24 kilometers, should connect the Kelebija border crossing with the Horgos-Novi Sad highway, that is, the northern branch of Corridor 10, through a semi-highway.

Around 1,000 trucks pass through Subotica each day.

Also, the Y-branch should contribute to the development of Industrial Zone Mali Bajmok in Subotica.

The project is being realized by the Ministry of Construction and the Corridors of Serbia.

The first section, a part of the bypass route, sector 3, long 1.5 kilometers, was built in March 2017, and the works were worth RSD 114 million with VAT.

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