Source: Tanjug | Monday, 18.06.2018.| 11:52

Serbia to open EU negotiations chapter 28 by the end of 2018?

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Serbia might be ready for the opening of chapter 28 (Consumer & Health Protection) in the negotiations with the EU by the end of the year, Nebojsa Lazarevic, a member of the core team of the Government of Serbia for negotiations with the EU, said today.

– After the two announced chapters open in June, 33 – Financial & Budgetary Provisions and 13 – Fisheries, additional efforts should be made so that the chapter 28 is ready for opening as soon as possible – Lazarevic said at the gathering New Trends in Commerce in the EU: The Influence of the GDPR and the Digital Single Market on the Inner Market and Consumer Protection in Serbia.

He reminded that the draft of Serbia's negotiation position on the chapter 28 had been prepared back in late 2017.

– It's not so hard to open or even close a negotiation chapter. What's much harder is to use the process of European integration and the process of negotiations to raise the awareness among Serbian consumers and improve their position in the market, the level of which is not high, especially when compared to an average European consumer – Lazarevic said.

The said gathering, organized by the European Policy Center, was held within the joint session of the working groups of the National Convent on the EU, which follow the negotiations about chapters 1 (Free Movement of Goods), 3 (Right of Establishment & Freedom to Provide Services) and 28 (Consumer & Health Protection).
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