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Jobs for 200 people at Smederevo steel mill in 2018 as well – Employee training program begins

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In the two years since the takeover of the Smederevo steel mill by HBIS, the production and the results have improved a lot, said CEO of the Chinese company Hesteel Serbia, Sihai Song, as reported by B92.

– As early as January, in the first quarter, our production was at an all-time high. What we can say with certainty is that HBIS Serbia will continue working and further developing the company this year – he pointed out.

Song also said that, in 2018, they would put an emphasis on the market and the development of that segment, and he also pointed out that the plans and the goals were being fulfilled.

– The development of the entire company is on the right path and has a big impact on the development of this area as well – he says.

Song said that the plan was to increase the number of employees by 200 people each year, as was the case in the previous two years.

– This especially pertains to the young and to people who are just starting out and this is good news for the young in Smederevo and this area, the fact that 200 of them will get an opportunity to get a job here – he said.

Song also added that they cooperated very well with faculties of the University of Belgrade and that senior year students would get an opportunity to complete their practical studies at the plant and to even get employed there.

When it comes to investments, according to Song, they will be working on big investments in the upcoming period, primarily pertaining to the resolving of the difficulties regarding product quality, whereas the other segment will pertain to solving the environmental protection problems, B92 reports.

The program of international training courses for 2018 has started at the Chinese steel mill in Smederevo. They are held by the Chinese lecturers, organized by the Ministry of Trade of PR China – Academy for International Business Officials and HBIS Group, Novosti reports.

The topic of this training is the “Quality of performance and standards as a part of international cooperation program in production capacities”, the steel mill announced.

HBIS Serbia is a significant link and successful example of development of HBIS in the area of international operating.

– In the future, HBIS will additionally increase its support and within the next 3 to 5 years, HBIS Serbia will become a modern steel producer, with equipment level significantly improved as well as the product quality – said Qi Yuezhang, Deputy CEO of HBIS.

The Ministry of Commerce of China organized the training courses last year as well, at which 1,520 workers attended eight seminars, Novosti writes.
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