Source: Balkan Green Energy News | Sunday, 20.05.2018.| 14:08
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Feed-in model obsolete – Permits for investments in RES for those who offer the lowest price

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The model of feed-in tariffs for inciting the use of renewable energy sources (RES) is obsolete, and the next step are feed-in premiums and auctions, says Milos Banjac, assistant minister of energy for RES and energy efficiency.

He didn’t specify, however, what the model of subsidizing RES would be when the decree based on feed-in tariffs expires at the end of the year.

Banjac said that the ministry’s priorities in the upcoming period would be to establish an energy efficiency fund, in order to have the current budget fund of EUR 1.2 million a year grow into a fund of 30 to 40 million euros, which would enable the start of a great renovation of private and public facilities and the strengthening of the energy management model.

Banjac pointed out that the feed-in model of inciting the use of RES implemented by Serbia in 2009 was indeed obsolete, but that it shouldn’t be forgotten that Germany had adopted it in 1992.

The next step, as he said, is to switch to a feed-in premium model with auctions, whereby those who offer the lowest price will get the right to build.

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