Source: Tanjug | Thursday, 17.05.2018.| 10:42

Corridors of Serbia and World Bank to hire experts for completion of highway through Grdelica Gorge

Illustration (Photo: Studio Peace/
The Corridors of Serbia, in cooperation with the World Bank, will hire a special team of experts for the works at the Grdelica Gorge so that this construction project could be completed within the deadline.

In order for the section of Corridor 10 through the Grdelica Gorge, as one of the most demanding construction projects in this part of Europe, to be finished within the set deadlines, with quality and in line with all the safety standards, the Corridors of Serbia, in cooperation with the World Bank, agreed to hire a special expert team with experience in the treatment of slopes and potential landslides, the press release says.

As said by the Corridors of Serbia, the team will be headed by Professor Marinos Skempas, a civil engineer and Senior Geotechnical and Highway Consultant for the World Bank, on design and construction aspects of highways and roads.

– In the shortest amount of time possible, the team will propose technical, technological and design solutions which will secure the stability of all slopes at the Grdelica Gorge, thereby guaranteeing traffic safety and the safety of the highway itself as a public good – the Corridors of Serbia says.
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