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Chinese companies interested in producing high-tech devices and equipment in Mali Zvornik

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Representatives of two production companies from Hangzhou, China, visited the municipality of Mali Zvornik on Thursday, May 3, 2018, looking to open facilities for the production of high-tech equipment and devices there.

As said on the website of the municipality of Mali Zvornik, the companies in question are HZ – Timing and Si Chang Electronic, which produce security systems meant to prevent theft of articles in sales outlets, technical protection systems for facilities, working hours records systems and similar products.

Businessmen from China were hosted by the president of the municipality of Mali Zvornik, Zoran Jevtic, the president of the Municipal Assembly, Radovan Tadic, and the deputy president of the municipality, Milos Radojcic. Jevtic presented the municipality and its economic potentials to the guests, following which they all took a tour of the industrial zone in Donje Naselje, where the potential investors might build a factory.

Jevtic informed the businessmen from China of the benefits provided by the municipality proportional to the number of new employments and said that the employment of more than 200 workers exempted the investor from environmental protection fees and municipal fees for displaying company names and allowed for the leasing of land at very favorable conditions, with a symbolic compensation of 1 dinar, as well as the right to subsidies of around EUR 2,000 per new employee, as reported on the municipality’s website.

The guests from China, who are already successfully cooperating with certain companies in Serbia and renowned world companies such as Telenor, Bosch and MTS, also wanted to know what the demographic structure is in Mali Zvornik in terms of age, education and other factors, how many unemployed citizens there are, what the percentage of potential women workers is, what the average salary is and what the dominant activities are.

In his statement for the media, representative of HZ – Timing Richard Wang said that his company was very interested in investing and operating in Mali Zvornik, where it would hire around 200 workers, primarily women, as the job of manufacturing certain elements by hand requires great precision and dedication. In addition to workers with secondary education, he said, the company would also need to hire workers with higher education, and all employees are expected to be inventive and creative in their jobs.

As they pointed out, they are visiting Serbia for the second time, as part of the cooperation with the Serbian company Jonik and the Chamber of Commerce of Belgrade, whose representatives also visited Mali Zvornik, it is added on the website of the municipality.

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