Source: B92 | Friday, 27.04.2018.| 12:04
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WOW Air offering unforgettable experience and EUR 3,300 salary

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The Icelandic airline WOW Air is looking for two friends who want to travel the world this summer. Their task will be to create vlogs and write about their experiences, for which they will be paid.

The low-cost airline published an ad on April 23 looking for a “fun pair of individuals who are able to think big”.

The selected pair will be staying in Iceland from June 1 till August 15, will be paid a monthly salary and will be living in an apartment in Reykjavik.

This will be the base from which they will visit many destinations throughout Europe and North America, and they will also be exploring Iceland.

Also, they will be allowed to pick destinations themselves, such as Stockholm, Barcelona, Los Angeles or New York.

The monthly salary will amount to EUR 3,300, in addition to the accommodation, transport and tours in Iceland.

Their task will be to share the content (blogs, photos, gifs and other uploads) online, but also on the airline’s website.

Everyone interested may apply regardless of where they live. A two-minute video providing advice and information about the applicants’ home town needs to be sent along with the application.

Application deadline is May 14, and the company will announce the names of the two people selected four days later.

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