Source: Novosti | Thursday, 01.01.1970.| 11:27
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Serbian airplanes in Iraq - factory "Utva" to start production of airplanes "Lasta 95"

Factory "Utva" starts production of airplanes "Lasta 95" and major number of these airplanes will be exported to Iraq, which bought 250m USD worth of military equipment a year ago and, thus, practically revived Serbian military industry.

The Army of Serbia announced that the factory flying tests for airplane "Lasta 95" would start prior to the New Year at airport Batajnica near Belgrade. During the next three years, 15 such school airplanes for the beginners and basic pilot training will be produced for the needs of the local army. One year ago, Serbia signed the agreement on export of 20 aircrafts "Lasta 95" for the needs of the Army of Iraq.

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