Source: Politika | Tuesday, 17.04.2018.| 11:58
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Biggest cattle farm in Sumadija revived – Terra Products 61 to start exporting to Turkey as well

Illustration (Photo: Patrik Jech/
After eight years of silence, the mooing of cattle can once again be heard at the biggest Sumadija cattle farm in Mrcajevci.

The farm, which used to be world-renowned, has restarted its activities, stopped in 2010.

– We have just brought in the first party of 50 head of livestock, as much as can fit in a single truck. These are 300-kg heifers from the Valjevo Area, whose meat, once they reach 500 or 600 kilograms, will be exported to Italy – Radisa Jevtovic, Director of Terra Products 61, the new owner of the farm, told Politika.

This is a Serbian-Azerbaijani-Turkish company, which bought the farm and started investing in its recovery.

– We are already exporting to Italy for a known client, we know the criteria in that market, we are optimistic and the market holds no mysteries for us. However, the next shipment is of male cattle to Turkey, which entails a whole different kind of processing. Turkish demands are much stricter than EU demands, as the slaughtering and the processing need to be carried out in line with halal standards, which is something that Serbian meat packing plants have not had experience with. We hope to overcome this challenge. This is why I've demanded for a Turkish inspection to control the operations at the meat packing plant we pick, and we've also hired Turkish workers for this job, in order to meet all the demands more easily – Jevtovic explains.

The farm in Mrcajevci can take in 1,500 head of livestock at the same time.

– We aim to have 1,500 head of livestock in a single turn, which lasts for six months – Jevtovic says.

Terra Products 61 from Leusici bought the farm in early June 2015 for RSD 28 million.
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