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New home in a month – Lafarge raises 12 houses using unique construction concept in the market

A Lafarge house
Housing is a hot topic in Serbia, and statistics show that as many as 72% of households find the housing price to be a heavy burden on the house budget. According to these statistics, Serbia is the least accessible place for living in Europe.

In order to get a home, people need to go through endless procedures and consultations with banks, architects, lawyers, contractors, construction workers, local self-governments, secretariats...

With its new concept of construction of family houses in the Serbian market, Lafarge is looking to improve this bleak state of things. Lafarge houses, a complete system of construction of family buildings under a turnkey system, was first presented to the market in June 2016, whereas full market penetration was achieved in April 2017.

The key innovation is a complete end-to-end process in the market of individual construction – from finding the plots, through spatial and program analyses of the locations, design, the obtaining of the permits, to the construction itself.

As Snezana Petrovic of Lafarge says for eKapija, thanks to the implementation of prefab construction, a new home is ready in one to two months from the moment the necessary permits are obtained, depending on clients' demands.

– Considering that we organize the entire process, we spend the majority of the time obtaining the permits and looking for an adequate plot of land. It is very important to us for everything to be legalized and to meet all the standards, and this process takes time – Petrovic explains.

For now, clients are offered 9 generic facilities from the first series, and two each from the second and the third one, but they can be adapted to any plot of land and special requests and affinities of the client.

The price of the construction of a Lafarge house starts at EUR 370 per m2, without VAT, depending on the degree of equipment featured. So far, 11 non-commercial and one commercial facility have been built, and several facilities are being designed.

In order to have as many citizens as possible get their own homes, Lafarge has secured a unique banking product for its clients in cooperation with Societe Generale – a house construction loan, and purchasers can follow the process of the construction and all the details regarding the progress of the works and the control of the expenses through a special app, available for PC and mobile devices.

Snezana Petrovic receiving the Aurea 2018 special acknowledgment for social usefulness from Mihailo Jovanovic, director of the Office for IT and eGovernment
– By entering the market of the construction of semi-prefabricated houses, we are looking to enable citizens of Serbia to quickly and efficiently get an affordable home which combines modern design with the tradition of the Beocin cement plant and the company Lafarge, which guarantees safety and quality. Our plan is to have the product positioned and be recognized in the market this season. We would be happy to see as many people as possible choose to solve their housing issues this way – Petrovic adds.

She points out that Lafarge has big plans and that it is constantly keeping its hand on the pulse of the market and reminds that this is how the concept of Lafarge houses was conceived in the first place, as the company had seen that the market lacked such a concept.

– We are dedicated to innovations, thanks to which we've realized the project of Lafarge houses, which are still new to us too and which are a challenge. However, we're not doing this for our own benefit only, but also to promote certain ideas and principles – our interviewee says and emphasizes that the concept is very important for everyone looking to secure a home.

The social usefulness of the project was also recognized by the expert jury of the Aurea investment of the year award, handed out by our portal, which awarded Lafarge with a special acknowledgment in this segment.

The new business model of the company Lafarge, let us remind, is run like a startup within the company and entails functional partnerships under the French company's brand. This way, the company also engages other players in the market, hiring primarily construction companies. For now, they are cooperating with around 6 partners, and as the business grows, their number will increase, they announce.

Lafarge BFC produces construction materials, above all cement, concrete and aggregates and has been present in the Serbian market for 16 years, whereas the Beocin cement factory has a tradition of 179 years.

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