Source: Danas | Monday, 26.03.2018.| 09:01

Production at Fiat Kragujevac halted until April 3

(Photo: bibiphoto/shutterstock)
The production at Fiat Kragujevac stopped on Friday, March 23, 2018, and will be re-initiated on April 3. This is the third such halt this year. Although no official explanation has been given, the reasonable assumption is that the current pause in the production is caused by the fulfillment of the monthly sales plan, as has been the case with most halts made so far.

Just like other renowned world companies, Fiat doesn't make cars to stock them, but organizes the production in line with the orders by dealers in the markets of Europe and North America. A generous estimate is that around 17,000 finished cars have been produced in the Kragujevac factory since the beginning of the year.

Let us remind that the management of Fiat has not presented the production plan for 2018. It is, nevertheless, expected that around 70,000 vehicles should be produced at the Kragujevac plant this year, which would be comparable to last year's production.
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