Source: Klix | Thursday, 08.03.2018.| 15:54

Construction of Bratunac-Ljubovija border crossing after treaty between B&H and Serbia

Illustration (Photo: Netfalls Remy Musser/
Minister of Finance and Treasury of B&H Vjekoslav Bevanda stated on March 7, 2018, in Sarajevo that the construction of the Bratunac-Ljubovija border crossing had not started as the treaty between B&H and Serbia had not been signed.

He added that, as per the decision of the Council of Ministers of B&H, an amount of BAM 7 million (around EUR 3.5 million) had been set aside from the collected clearing debt for the construction of the border crossing and that the Indirect Taxation Authority was in charge of the realization of the project on the B&H side.

– The Indirect Taxation Authority is not able to do anything, because the treaty has not been signed, and the initiative has been made on the B&H side and what needs to be done now is to define the category of the border crossing – Bevanda clarified.

He pointed out that B&H proposed for it to be a passenger and cargo border crossing and that, once the treaty is defined and signed, a tender would be placed and the project would be realized.
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