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Dutch MAAZ Dairy Foods planning cooperation with Valletta dairy – Hard cheese from Guca for markets of Europe and Russia

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Representatives of the Dutch company MAAZ Dairy Foods visited the Valletta Dairy in Vuckovica, in the Guca area, and looked into the possibilities for cooperation in the production of hard cheese.

According to the chief of the Moravica District, Slobodan Jolovic, the Dutch company wants to move its production from Ukraine to Serbia.

– The Moravica District has about 20,000 head of livestock, 50% of which are dairy cows, which is an important potential for this part of Serbia. The cooperation with the biggest producer of cheese in Europe would certainly contribute to an enhancement of our potentials for both the production and the processing. During the negotiations, we pointed out that we were interested in having 3,000 cows moved from Ukraine to Serbia and securing investments in farms and cooperative production. Around 50 producers in this area have the capacities to take in between 10 and 50 dairy cows – Jolovic explains.

On the other hand, MAAZ Dairy Foods would expand its processing capacities as well, as it would produce cheese with a geographic designation of origin at Valletta, slightly more expensive and meant for export. Their obligation will be to invest in an expansion and construction of the processing capacities.

– They'd also have to build a factory for the production of powdered milk, which would mean a lot to people active in agricultural production in the territory of the Moravica District – Jolovic says.

The owner of Valletta, Radisa Cubric, pointed out that the cooperation with the Dutch company was important in order to maintain the full range of products and to add to it the production of the highest quality cheese, which would be exported to Russia and Europe.

Meine Haringsma, representative of MAAZ Dairy Foods, said that this was Valletta's third visit, which included experts who performed a professional analysis of the capacities and the equipment.
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