Source: Tanjug | Thursday, 08.03.2018.| 10:23

Atlantic Group to expand operations outside the region – Innovations and understanding consumers' needs crucial to success

The food industry of Serbia can be competitive outside the region if it is willing to hear consumers and gain insight into their needs, Zoran Daljevic, Director of Central Finance of Atlantic Group for Serbia and Macedonia, said on Tuesday, March 6, 2018, at the Kopaonik Business Forum.

He pointed out that Atlantic Group aimed to expand its business and penetrate markets outside the former Yugoslavian region.

– We are a regional company whose ambition is to venture outside the region and sell its products outside the region. By purchasing Foodland, we have become fruit and vegetable producers – Daljevic said.

Daljevic emphasizes that innovations, as well as an understanding of the markets and consumers' needs, are the most important factors of being successful in the market.

He explained that people in Serbia loved black coffee, but that the product was experiencing a decline as a category because making black coffee requires a stove and a pot, which is why they made instant black coffee in 2015, requiring only boiling water, thanks to which their market share has already exceeded 15%.

He also says that the Argeta brand of chicken pate has become the top brand in Austria and Switzerland after a long time and that it is now being produced in the USA as well.
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