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Mei Ta employs one thousandth worker in Baric – Construction of new factory to begin in March 2018

Mei Ta plant in Baric
The company Mei Ta has employed its one thousandth worker in Baric, representatives of the Urban Municipality of Obrenovac announced.

Andrej Djuric, HR Manager at Mei Ta, confirmed that the company would build another factory in Baric due to the quickening growth and that it would accordingly employ hundreds of new workers.

– Customers trust us and it is they who enable us to employ this many workers, many more than we initially projected last year. In the first half of this year, we will employ as many workers as we expected to employ by the end of the next year – Djujic said.

Future look of new Mei Ta facility in Baric
As representatives of the Urban Municipality of Obrenovac told eKapija, the beginning of the second phase of the construction is planned for the first days of March, and the opening will take place by the end of the year. The second factory will employ 1,500 people.

The president of the Urban Municipality of Obrenovac, Miroslav Cuckovic, reminded that EPS had contributed greatly to the opening of the Mei Ta facility in Obrenovac by providing sufficient amounts of electrical energy.

According to the director of EPS, Milorad Grcic, the employees at Mei Ta have significantly higher salaries compared to those is the private sector. Grcic said that the average salary amounted to more than RSD 50,000, the press release adds.

Let us remind that Mei Ta produces car components, engine components and general industrial components and that it strives to be the world leader in the market of turbo chargers.

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