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Lidl to open job contest for over 1,000 sales assistants in March – Around 400 people already employed in Serbia

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The company Lidl, which will open several stores in several towns in Serbia this year, has announced that it will open a job contest for over 1,000 sales assistants in March.

– With the opening of Lidl stores, the market of Serbia will get the first modern discount store chain. Thorough preparations in all business segments are in progress, including the employment of new workers – says Martina Petrovic, Head of Corporate communications at ‎Lidl Srbija.

She said that the job contest for new workers at the Lidl Logistics Center in Nova Pazova was open at the moment and that the majority of candidates were expected to come from the town.

– The biggest wave of employment will take place in March, when we are to open the job contest for retail clerks in a large number of towns throughout the country. At this job contest, we will employ more than 1,000 people – Petrovic said.

So far, Lidl has employed over 400 people in Serbia, mostly in corporate positions, and the company now features IT experts, marketing experts, procurers, accountants...

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