Source: eKapija/Beta | Wednesday, 14.02.2018.| 13:15

RTB nearly doubles production of bluestone – Bor delivering 1,200 tons of copper sulphate to customers a year

The production of copper sulphate (bluestone) at RTB Bor nearly doubled in early 2018 due to a great demand, from three to five tons a day, Beta reports.

In addition to copper, gold, silver and other precious metals, RTB Bor facilities produce up to 1,200 tons of bluestone a year. In January, 146 tons were produced, a ton more than the monthly record from 1999.

In under two weeks in February, 90 tons of bluestone were delivered to customers from Turkey, Poland and Hungary.

– We have no problem selling bluestone, the stocks are either minimal or non-existent, which shows that the decision to open the factory 35 years ago was right – Beta reports.

As the Kolektiv magazine reports, the Electrolysis unit for the production of copper sulphate produced 146 tons of bluestone of 100% agricultural quality in January.

This is the biggest monthly production since the company was founded in 1982, the magazine reports.

Last year, 1,178 tons of copper sulphate was produced (88.44% of agricultural quality and 11.56% of industrial quality), and nearly the entire annual production – 1,157 tons – was sold, of which 560 tons locally and 567 tons in the foreign market.

Bluestone is mostly exported to Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Poland and Hungary.

The product is used as a pesticide in agriculture and as a technological reagent in industry, in lead floatations. It is also useful for cleaning water pipes and pools.

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