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Hydrogen Technologies contracts jobs in Hong Kong – Companies from Bangladesh and India interested in engine decarbonizing machine as well

The eKapija portal has opened the contest for the best investment in 2017 – Aurea 2018, and while waiting for the winners to be pronounced, we visited the companies shortlisted last year to see how far they had gone in their business development.

The Belgrade-based company Hydrogen Technologies has expanded its capacities for the production of engine decarbonizing machines. After it found purchasers in the region and the Europe, they also signed a long-term contract with partners from Hong Kong, where they’ve also founded a joint company. Hydrogen Technologies continues to invest in new innovative technologies as well. After its first center in Belgrade, it continues to open new engine decarbonizing centers throughout Serbia and the region through the franchise concept.

As Branko Hinic, the director of the company which has developed a unique technology for removing soot from engines and exhaust systems in vehicles, explains for our portal, the production went up from five to ten machines a month to 25 this year, partly as a result of outsourcing component production.

– We have reduced the need for excessive investments in infrastructure and equipment, which is very important in the phase of development in which we still are. At the same time, we have enabled our suppliers to employ their capacities and even expand them, and we have freed our own, so we can invest in further development of new innovative technologies, which will help us stay in the world market and enable us to widen our range of products and even enter new branches of the industry – our interviewee points out.

Let us remind that the engine decarbonizing machine is based on the technology which is based on large amounts of the HHO gaseous mixture act as the main “energy source” for engine cleaning. The mixture is produced through an electrochemical process of water electrolysis. The implementation of the technology considerably reduces the emission of toxic gases, and, following a 45-minute treatment, engines soil all other assemblies far less, extending their life cycle, making for a noticeably smoother performance and increased power, and an enormous percentage of vehicles also spend less fuel.

In addition to Serbia, clients in Great Britain, Germany, Macedonia and, since recently, Scandinavia, have been able to witness the advantages of the Hydrogen Technologies machine. The company even had plans to open an office in one of the EU countries, which has been postponed, primarily due to the penetration of the Asian market.

– With our partners from Hong Kong, who were our guests last summer, we’ve signed long-term agreements on cooperation, the shipping of our technology and the technical support in servicing, maintenance and training – Hinic says and points out that everything has happened unexpectedly and quickly.

– After visiting several producers in the world, they chose our technology, as their plan is to open several hundred Carbon Cleaning centers, primarily in China, but also in Hong Kong and in Macau, for which they need reliable technology and top-quality support. The close cooperation and the seriousness of the intention in realizing these plans has been confirmed by the founding of a joint venture in Hong Kong, where the center for all our operations in the Asian market will be located – our interviewee adds.

Hinic notes that they’ve also managed to establish contacts with companies from India and Bangladesh, whose representatives are supposed to visit the company this March.

– These are very interesting markets, both for the number of residents and the number of vehicles, as well as their intensive investments in green technologies. In addition to China, India has also supported the Paris Agreement and set aside considerable funds for investments in raising awareness and implementation of new technologies in the next few years. We see a big opportunity there – eKapija’s interviewee points out and notes that they haven’t given up on opening an office in the EU either and that this is likely to happen this year.

Our interviewee also announces that the company has received an inquest from Fuel Cells and Hydrogen – Joint Undertaking, a unique organization supporting activities of research, technological development and demonstration (RTD) in fuel cell and hydrogen energy technologies in Europe (with the EC as one of the members) to host a gathering where they would present their engine decarbonizing technology, whereas the organization would present their pumping stations and hydrogen-powered vehicles.

– There’s a great chance that we will host a FCH JU team with their two hydrogen-powered vehicles (HFCEV – Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle) – Toyota Mirai and Hyundai, arriving from Brussels. This will be the first promotion, in the region, of this technology, which is developing at a great speed and which is believed to be the future of transport and the direction in which the car industry will develop – Hinic points out.

Carbon Cleaning Centers in Skopje, Nis...

In 2016, Hydrogen Technologies opened its first Carbon Cleaning Center in Belgrade, where servicing and further development are conducted, and which is also a showroom of a kind for potential partners and associates. Another carbon cleaning center was then opened in Bitola, and the company announces the opening of more such centers through the franchise concept.

The first next city to get such a center is Skopje. The opening has been announced for February 17, and a carbon cleaning center should open in Nis as well this March.

– In the next few months, we plan to open at least another five centers in Serbia and several in the region – Hinic announces for our portal.

Hydrogen pumping stations

Hydrogen Technologies is not giving up on developing its own hydrogen pumping station technology either, as they are striving to be the first company in the region with their own hydrogen pumping station.

– This is a very interesting field, which we are involved in intensively, but for now, we are only developing certain new technologies which should be implemented in pumping stations. The development of this technology is very expensive and we will not be able to realize it completely without support and cooperation with some foreign institutions and companies – Hinic says and notes that, recently, they’ve been working intensively on developing a contact network with relevant participants in the field of fuel cells and hydrogen production industry in the EU.


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