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Petro-mont Novi Sad to found daughter-company for production of smart street furniture – PetroSOLAR solutions in Middle East as well

PetroSOLAR smart bench in Ulcinj
The eKapija portal has opened the contest for the best investment in 2017 – Aurea 2018, and while waiting for the winners to be pronounced, we visited the companies shortlisted last year to see how far they had gone in their business development.

After thirty years, the Novi Sad-based company Petro-mont has opened a daughter company which will be producing PetroSOLAR street furniture. It is this innovation – intelligent and energy-independent street furniture with power supply from renewable sources – that helped the company place in the final of our investment of the year award.

As Lazar Josanov, the creator of these solutions, explains for our portal, a company called PetroSOLAR will start working in 2018, dealing in green energy exclusively.

– The PetroSOLAR solutions have become our recognizable brand and, in order to be able to monitor their development more easily, we’ve decided to found a separate company. Petro-mont is more technically and production-oriented, and the new company will be oriented towards green energy – Josanov points out and adds that the production will still be carried out at Petro-mont’s facility.

Aside from becoming a separate company, PetroSOLAR will get two new products this summer as well, and the total number of products developed from the same foundation will therefore grow from three (smart benches, totems and bus stops) to five. Josanov does not disclose what kind of innovations these are, however, but he points out that the visual identity of their products will be maintained.

– We will thereby further solidify the recognition of our solutions in the market and certainly become a world-unique design – he adds.

As our interviewee reminds, the basis of PetroSOLAR products is a totem containing a solar panel, the accompanying installation and additional elements, whose main purpose is to provide LED lighting, free charging of mobile devices and a Wi-Fi signal, with an option to mount a range of additions, such as noise sensors, air quality sensors, cameras, interactive monitors etc, allowing for different product models to be made. The benches are an upgrade of the totem with a seating, whereas PetroSOLAR bus stops are also based on the PetroSOLAR totem, around which the constituent elements (lateral and back elements, as well as the roof) are integrated.

PetroSOLAR bench at Masdar Park in the UAE
Thanks to the design and wide functionality, the solutions are mounted quickly and simply in desired locations in urban or country locations and can be found in parks, ski resorts, promenades, beaches, open parking spaces, protected natural areas...

For now, PetroSOLAR smart street furniture is available in Pancevo and Loznica and several other local self-governments in Serbia might get it this year as well. In 2017, PetroSOLAR benches were installed at the Masdar Park in Abu Dhabi, the Valdanos and Stegvasi vistas in Ulcinj, and this year’s plans include further expansion to foreign markets.

As Josanov announces for eKapija, negotiations about deliveries to Slovakia, Sweden, Croatia and Portugal are currently in progress.

The new jobs should be realized in 2018, our interviewee says optimistically and reminds that 2017 was a year of promotion and presentation of PetroSOLAR products, both in the local and in foreign markets.

– Considering that the last year was the premiere year and that we were just presenting the products in the market and testing them in real conditions, we are very satisfied and it is only in 2018 that we expect significant results to be made. User feedback tells us that we are on the right track – our interviewee points out.


When it comes to the competition and the market, disloyal and incompetent competition is a great problem for Petro-mont.

– Other producers try to copy us and present our products, with minor visual changes, as theirs, and the law in Serbia is quite lax, not providing innovators and authored products with a wider or stronger protection – Josanov says and adds that this is why the arrangement to deliver benches to Paracin fell through.

He points out that what sets PetroSOLAR products apart from the competition in the local and foreign markets is the unique design, as well as components thanks to which maintenance is not necessary.

Let us remind that, in addition to its core activity – designing and producing thermal-technical installations, Petro-mont has been designing and producing steel structures and steel locksmithery for years.


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