Source: Insajder | Monday, 12.02.2018.| 08:54

Another attempt at sale of Jagodinska Pivara falls through

The second attempt at the sale of Jagodinska Pivara, which has been in bankruptcy since 2016, has been pronounced unsuccessful. This decision was made as there were no interested purchasers.

The initial price was RSD 355.5 million, that is, EUR 2.9 million, and the most important property of the brewery includes the business complex in Jagodina, that is, 41 facilities within the plant, business and storage facilities in isolated locations in Nis, Krusevac and Pozarevac, the brewery’s equipment and claims.

This was not the first time that Jagodinska Pivara was offered for sale. In late October 2017, an attempt at the sale was cancelled for the same reason – there were no interested purchasers.

Jagodinska Pivara was founded in 1852 and is one of the oldest companies in Serbia.

Before the initiation of bankruptcy proceedings, 145 workers were employed at the brewery. All of them applied for voluntary leaving through a social program.

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