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Gazprom to build Turkish Stream in EU territory in line with EC regulations

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The Turkish Stream pipeline will be built on the EU territory strictly in line with the European Commission regulations, Deputy Chairman of the Managing Board of Gazprom, Alexander Medvedev, said on Thursday, February 8, 2018.

At his meeting with investors in the company, Medvedev said that the second branch of the land section of the pipeline will be done by gas transport operators of the European states.

As RIA reports, the management of Gazprom has declined to comment on the route of the pipeline.

– As for perspectives and directions of the delivery, the first branch will deliver the gas to Turkey, and the second one to the countries of Southern and Southeastern Europe. At the moment, we will not comment on any further details – said Kirill Polous, Head of Directorate for Long-Term Development Programs of Gazprom.

The Moscow-based daily Kommersant says that, when it comes to the second branch, Gazprom is silent and nothing is clear – neither the directions nor the deadlines.

– There’s an impression that there is no project at all, and Gazprom takes care not to turn attention to the fact that the construction of the second branch of the pipeline to Turkey is already in progress – the daily writes.

Kommersant writes that, on February 13, the management of Gazprom would approve the capital increase of the company South Stream Serbia, a joint company with Srbijagas, founded for the purposes of the construction of the local section of South Stream.

– According to Kommersant’s interviewee, the funds will be used for a roadmap for the expansion of the gas transport structure, which Gazprom signed with Serbia in June 2017. For now, the project is in the stage of structural planning and obtaining permits – the daily says.

Kommersant writes, citing unnamed sources in Gazprom, that the decision on the capital increase of the Serbian structure does not mean that the Balkan route has been definitely chosen for the second branch of the Turkish Stream, instead of deliveries through Greece and further, to South Italy. Still, the daily writes, the Balkan route remains the most likely option, among other things because of the preparations that have been carried out for South Stream and because it will provide a solution to the question of gas deliveries to all Balkans clients, eschewing transit through Ukraine.

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