Source: Sputnik | Friday, 09.02.2018.| 11:49

Gazprom increases share in European gas market

Illustration (Photo: nostal6ie/
The Russian energy company Gazprom increased its market share in Europe in 2017 from 33 to 34.7%, Deputy Chairman of the Management Committee of Gazprom, Alexander Medvedev announced.

– The share of Gazprom in the market is increasing. The deliveries grew faster than the market and the share in Europe grew to the record amount of 34.7% – Medvedev said at his meeting with investors in New York.

Last year, the company increased the production of gas by 12.4% to 471 billion cubic meters. Gas deliveries to Europe grew by 8% to 193.6 billion cubic meters.

According to Gazprom Export, around 80% of the deliveries from Russia are towards Western European countries, whereas 20% goes to Central European countries.

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