Source: eKapija | Monday, 05.02.2018.| 10:33

Sinvoz Zrenjanin planning construction of new facility – Production for Bombardier worth EUR 30 million

(Photo: branislavpudar/shutterstock)
The Zrenjanin-based rail vehicle repair company Sinvoz plans to build a new facility of around 5,000 square meters in late 2018, where entirely new equipment will be installed, the Zrenjaninski portal reports.

Together with the already adapted 2,500 square meters, this should be enough for the jobs that have already been contracted, but also for those that have been announced.

– We already have longstanding agreements signed with foreign partners, as well as an agreement with a big supplier within the automotive industry – the director of Sinvoz, Radomir Miljus, told Zrenjaninski.

Sinvoz is especially proud of a ten-year agreement with the big, renowned multinational company Bombardier, for which they will be producing cabins and roofs for trains, which are then to be assembled in other factories in Europe. This agreement is worth EUR 30 million.

– The tools necessary for further production are currently being made in our facilities – Miljus points out and adds that the production of components might begin as soon as March and that they also expect the cooperation to expand.

Sinvoz currently has 250 employees, and once the production for Bombardier starts, another 60 workers will be needed – 50 locksmiths and 10 welders.

– Last year, our people underwent training at Bombardier's factory in the Czech Republic and these are the future instructors. It's hard to find educated locksmiths today, and welders are even harder to find. That is why we've prepared an educational facility for welders at our factory. I would like to use this opportunity to invite all the young people who want to do this job, for which there is great demand, and which is also well paid, I'm free to say, to contact us – Miljus says.
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