Source: Politika | Monday, 29.01.2018.| 12:27

Czech company Retia interested in producing radar systems in 14. oktobar Krusevac

Illustration (Photo: Patrick Foto/ )
The former Krusevac-based giant 14. oktobar, which was bought by Czechoslovak Group on October 4, 2017, received an attractive offer from the Czech company Retia, a renowned European producer of radar systems, these days. Retia sees considerable potential in 14. oktobar, so much so, that the company's radars might be produced in Krusevac, bearing the tag “made in Serbia – 14. oktobar”, in the near future, Politika reports.

Having talked to the management of 14. oktobar, General Director of Retia, Jan Volsik, speaks openly about the possibilities of having certain components produced in Krusevac.

– In 14. oktobar we see potential for entering the Serbian market in both segments of our portfolio, the arms and the civil industry. Since the company has been operating within Czechoslovak Group since recently, the Krusevac plant might initially produce certain components from their range of products. Ratia is not a member of the group in which 14. oktobar operates, but we are cooperating closely with companies within this group with which we have a common owner. We are sure that 14. oktobar will soon become our close partner – Volsik points out.

Deputy General Director of 14. oktobar, Aleksandar Jankovic, confirms for Politika that the talks with the general director of Retia were successful.

– The management is extremely satisfied with the first business meeting with the General Director of the Czech company and his associates. At out first meeting, they presented the production potential of both companies. With new investments, we expect new business agreements to be signed as well – Jankovic says, as reported by Politika.

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