Source: Tanjug | Friday, 01.12.2017.| 08:56
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Production of copper at RTB Bor exceeds last year’s results – 4.27 million tons excavated in November

The Veliki Krivelj surface cut (Photo: Ljubiša Aleksić/RTB Bor)
The only copper mine in Serbia, within which Majdanpek- and Bor-based mines operate, had 4.27 million tons of excavations in November, the best monthly result in the past ten years. The miners in Majdanpek have already surpassed the production results from 2016, and if they continue at the same pace, the December results will be better than last year’s by a fifth, says a press release by RTB Bor.

In order to achieve this result, the miners first had to remove 2.7 million tons of waste-rock and then excavate 1.57 million tons of ore. The resulting production amounted to 4,000 tons of copper concentrate, which was further processed into 19,300 tons of dry concentrate, which was delivered to the smelter, RTB Bor reported.

The biggest progress was recorded at the Majdanpek copper mine, where the procurement of new mining mechanization has already proven to be justified. The total excavation in November amounted to 1.8 million tons, of which 1.3 million tons was waste-rock. Also, 550,000 tons of ore was excavated, from which 1,600 tons of copper concentrate was produced.

In order to increase the production of copper and have the Majdanpek site uncovered more quickly, six dumper-trucks, an excavator, a bulldozer and a drilling machine were also bought.

The Veliki Krivelj surface cut, the biggest mine within RTB Bor, has also surpassed its plans. The projected amounts of ore for November were exceeded before the month ended by 15%, with the amounts of copper also exceeding the plan.

The total monthly excavations at the Veliki Krivelj mine have long since exceeded two million tons, and the local floatation has received more than 2,500 tons of copper ore for further processing, from the excavated amount of 870 thousand tons.

In 11 months, the miners at the Krivelj mine excavated over nine million tons of ore, so that they would reach the amount of 26,800 tons of copper ore, a result better by 7% than planned, the press release says.

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