Source: Danas | Tuesday, 28.11.2017.| 13:11
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Electricity price increases for SMEs - As of 2018, bills higher for up to 18%

As of January 1 next year, electricity bill for small and medium enterprises in Serbia will be increased to 18%.

As Danas writes, these are companies that consumes up to 350 megawatt hours of electricity annually. A letter from Elektroprivreda Srbije (EPS) was sent to the addresses of such customers in which they were informed about the change in the price of electricity.

The letter states that "it is in line with the policy of defining price of electricity and the situation at the market, a corrected price for the coming period, for category of small commercial buyers".

The price of a megawatt-hour in a higher tariff for a two-tariff meter, as of January 1, 2018, will be 55.84 EUR, while at a lower price this price will be 35.41 EUR per megawatt-hour. Price for consumers with one-tariff meter will be 50,26 EUR per megawatt-hour.

It is a price list without excise tax and no value added tax in RSD counter value at the middle exchange rate of the National Bank of Serbia on the day of the turnover. The new price list delivered by EPS to customers is shown in euros, although the official currency of Serbia is dinar, reports Danas.

At the moment, current price in higher tariff for a two-tier meter is 47.35 EUR per megawatt-hour. Since most small and medium-sized enterprises spend electricity over the day, in a higher tariff, this means that price increase is 18% for them. On the other hand, for those who spend electricity in the lower, night taffy, the price increase is 7.2%.

The electricity market in Serbia has been opened since January 1, 2015, which means that all buyers have the right to choose a supplier.

In practice, this applies only to commercial consumers while electricity price for citizens is still regulated and supplied only by EPS. Companies that are dissatisfied with the price offered by EPS can look for another supplier. However, this company supplies 90% of the market of commercial electricity customers in Serbia.

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