From furniture mosaics to vertical gardens – Arhiliks Belgrade offers interior and exterior decoration

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Mosaics, Arhiliks clients' favoritesMosaics, Arhiliks clients' favorites
Interior and exterior decoration, landscaping, furniture and street furniture design, as well as the creation of mosaics, are the services offered by the employees at the Interior Decoration Agency Arhiliks Belgrade. The designers team of the company consists of architects, academic painters and applied artists, while expert tradesmen are just as important to the successful realization of projects in workshops and on site.

According to Ivana Petkovic Plamenac of Arhiliks, of all the products and services they provide, the clients find mosaics the most interesting, as they can take form of either wall, floor or furniture-integrated elements in both the interior and the exterior space. As our interviewee explains, mosaics are dominant in all fields of modern architecture, due to their strong structure and refined aesthetic, while also being one of the most resilient and durable techniques of monumental wall art. As Petkovic Plamenac explains, the process of making mosaics is accordingly quite demanding.

– Table mosaics are very challenging at the moment. Mosaics are attractive because of their strong, but also refined aesthetic and are desirable interior or exterior elements as such, whether as wall elements, floor elements, or as table mosaics.

Thanks to these characteristics, mosaics are their best-sold products.

However, as out interviewee says, the making of other items is very complex as well.

– Interior design is a complex topic, as the interior depends on the construction of the facility itself. On the other hand, the furniture aesthetic depends on the interior. The look of the furniture, then, in fact depends on the look of the facility – our interviewee says.

Arhiliks makes various items, per client request. As our interviewee explains, thanks to this, they are re-examining their own ideas, pushing the boundaries and developing.

– On the other hand, we are also there for clients who are unsure or not sufficiently informed of our activities. We provide information for them, we educate them and we are always available to them – our interviewee says.

Arhiliks clients mostly come from Serbia and Montenegro, and, as Ivana Petkovic Plamenac explains, they also hope to expand their business, both in the field of interior decoration and in the field of furniture design, in the rest of the region as well.

All their products are made of wood, forged iron and stone. They get their materials in Serbia primarily, but also in Italy and the neighboring countries. Arhiliks also presented its products at the recently completed Belgrade Furniture Fair.

Green walls and vertical gardens

Making facades “green” is becoming increasingly popular, and, in addition to the aesthetic significance, the aspect of energy efficiency provided by green walls is important as well. Energy efficiency of facilities is part of the Arhiliks agenda and they accordingly deal in making walls green and making vertical gardens as part of their exterior design activities. Engineers in the field of energy efficiency are in charge of this job, our interviewee says.

– The protection of environment and natural resources by making walls and flat roofs green, designing and raising eco-houses and eco-towns, is slowly becoming a priority in Serbia as well. In preparing one such project, we first need to plan the covering of the walls with suitable materials, and only then does the laying down of adequate vegetation follow, with the possibility of applying irrigation. Clients are increasingly more aware of the importance of implementing such projects in the living environment.

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