Source: Dnevnik | Wednesday, 22.11.2017.| 09:58
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Mitrosrem sole producer of instant polenta in the Balkans – Company plans penetration of Russian market

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The instant polenta of the Sremska Mitrovica-based company Mitrosrem might penetrate the markets of the Western countries, as this is the only company to make the product not just in the local market, but in the Balkans as well.

The facilities produce around 60 tons of instant corn polenta a year, and technologist Gordana Slavic of Mitrosrem says that as many as 500 tons might be exported from Sremska Mitrovica a year.

– We have mostly been focusing on local customers so far, with smaller amounts sold in former Yugoslavian countries, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro – she says.

Aside from instant polenta, Mitrosrem also produces cornflakes, flour, farina and farina used as addition to hops in beer production.

– The amount of production varies from year to year, but the company is not working at full capacity. Considering the possibilities, our processing of corn into food could be three to four times bigger. We produced around 80 tons of cornflakes last year, and ten years ago, we had up to 300 tons – Slavic said.

Director Nenad Bulic says that the most important thing for Mitrosrem is that the product quality has been maintained and that, following a one-year grace period, the Pre-Packaged Reorganization Plan started being implemented this year and should continue being carried out over the next several years.

Bulic says that Mitrosrem might find the Russian market interesting and that they have certain contacts with their companies.

– We have a good PPRP, which has shown to be feasible, so we can say, after several years, that we need a big market, and Russia is exactly one such market – Bulic said.
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