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Five local self-governments from Serbia in ReLOaD program – EUR 500,000 for projects of civil society organizations

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Cacak, Dimitrovgrad, Kragujevac, Paracin and Sabac have been selected for participation in the two-year Regional Program of Local Democracy in the Western Balkans (ReLOaD), financed by the European Union with EUR 8.5 million and carried out by the UNDP.

The selected towns and municipalities will strengthen the partnership between local authorities and civil society with financial and expert-consulting help of the ReLOaD project team, to the benefit of citizens and local communities. ReLOaD supports the implementation and expansion of transparent financing of organizations of civil society (OCS) from the budgets of local self-government units, thereby ensuring greater participation of citizens in decision-making processes and enhancing provision of public services.

The selected partner-municipalities and towns will have an opportunity to utilize grants amounting to half a million euros to finance projects of public interest to be carried out by OCS in the next two years. Special attention will be paid to projects contributing to strengthening women, the young and the socially marginalized groups.

It is expected that OCS will realize 200 projects enabling better and more diversified programs for around 38,000 citizens in the Western Balkans region through ReLOaD. In Serbia, at least 20 OCS will take part in the project, contributing with their activities to an increase in the quality of life for over 3,000 citizens.

ReLOaD is financed by the EU and carried out by the UNDP. The program is carried out in Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia.

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