Source: Novosti | Wednesday, 15.11.2017.| 09:50
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Igalo Institute to invest EUR 200,000 in new equipment – Tender for reconstruction of accommodation capacities soon

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A part of the medical Equipment of the Dr Simo Milosevic Institute in Igalo will be replaced after 35 years. The procurement will be financed with the institute's own funds, and the estimate is that around EUR 200,000 will be needed, Dr Gordana Rajovic, executive director of the institute, stated and added that the tenders have been prepared, and the equipping of the cardiology department is at the top of the priority list.

– The tender will be carried out in three parts, the first of which pertains to the cardiology cabinet for rehabilitation, which is to be fully reconstructed, as it is precisely this section that has not been changed in 35 years – Rajovic says and points out that she was baffled by the fact, given the progress of medicine and the amount of work done by medical workers at the Institute.

According to her, the cabinet will feature the latest equipment, which will enable this reputed institution to open to a part of the market.

The second part pertains to the ultrasound device, which is a part of the cardiology department, but will perform a much wider range of diagnostic procedures. The third part of the tender pertains to physical medicine equipment. Medical beds, kinesiotherapy devices, lymphatic drainage devices and other equipment should also be procured – Dr Rajovic says.

A tender for the reconstruction of a part of accommodation capacities will soon be placed as well. The plan includes the reconstruction of 15 bathrooms, replacement of laminate surfaces amounting to 1,600 m2, an upgrade of the wireless system, as well as general facility maintenance, in order for the Institute to be able to operate at full capacity and without technical flaws before the Mimosa Festival, as Dr Rajovic says.

Both parts of the Institute (the old building and the Mediterranean Health Center) realized 200,000 overnight stays by October 25, 2017, but the number will be even bigger, as the first phase is operating at full capacity until December 25.

Dr Rajovic illustrates the fact that the results could be even better by reminding that the arrival of a group of 140 Norwegians, as part of the Norwegian program, has already been arranged.

In addition to this program, which has been successfully realized for four decades, the Institute has guests from other European countries as well, especially from the Netherlands and Denmark.

In addition to enhancing the equipment and accommodation, the expansion of the market remains the most important task. Representatives of the institute have taken part in numerous fairs, and they are also planning to cooperate with the Special Hospital Cigota in Zlatibor through joint 7+7 or 14+14 arrangements. The agreement is to be signed at the tourism fair in Belgrade.

The expansion of the cooperation also pertains to the Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases Dedinje, which will be discussed in late November by those in charge.
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