Source: Novosti | Friday, 13.10.2017.| 10:00
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Zastava Oruzje sells production until 2019 in advance – As much as 96% of merchandise to be exported

Zastava Oruzje (Photo: bibiphoto/shutterstock)
There’s a great demand in the world for arms from Serbia produced by Zastava Oruzje, and the factory’s entire production until the second half of 2019 has been sold.

The factory is expected to earn USD 35-40 million this year, says Zoran Susic, director of marketing, research and promotion at the factory.

Zastava Oruzje, as Susic explains, exports most of what it produces, as much as 96%.

– We export to all continents, to over 40 countries, and our most important and biggest purchasers are located in the Middle East and Africa – Susic says.

He claims that the demanding markets of the USA and Canada hold semi-automatic rifles produced in Serbia in high regard and that there is a great demand for this product in those markets.

– Our hunting rifles have always been present in those markets as well. In the cult movie The Deer Hunter, Robert De Niro is seen using one of the rifles produced here – Susic says with pride.

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