Source: Tanjug | Thursday, 28.09.2017.| 12:37
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Miroslav Miskovic acquitted of charges related to road companies – Tax evasion trial to be repeated

Miroslav Miskovic
Miroslav Miskovic has been acquitted of charges of malfeasance in road companies, whereas the tax evasion trial is to be repeated, the Appellate Court decided.

The acquittals in the cases against Marko Miskovic and Milo Djuraskovic regarding the alleged extraction of money from the road companies were confirmed, although they are also to be retried for tax evasion.

By the same decision, Miroslav Miskovic was acquitted of the charges of having damaged the road companies, that is, of having extracted money from them through financial activities.

All the decisions of the Appellate Court were reached unanimously.

Marko Miskovic was sentenced to three and a half years of prison for tax evasion and a penalty of RSD 8 million, whereas his company Mera Invest is obliged to pay around RSD 320.3 million in taxes.

The explanation by the Appellate Court states that the decision of the court of first instance contains an important violation of the criminal procedure code, as the explanation of the decision is missing the reasons about decisive facts, whereas “the reasons given are to a great extent unclear and contradictory”.
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